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Kerry newitt

Kerry Newitt

Committee: Long Distance Tour & Charter

Company: Lighthouse Solutions

About Kerry

Whilst relatively new to the transport industry, my recent position as Workforce Business Partner for Thompson Bus Services has provided me with a great insight into the transport industry and offered me the opportunity to apply my skills, business approach and outlook to a business that has an admirable history and relationship within the industry and community.

I have extensive experience in Human Resources, Operations, Business Development and Customer Service across a broad range of industries spanning a period of 25 years, which have seamlessly transferred to the transport industry. In particular, my passion is in the area of “people” and bringing out the best in all levels of employees in order to deliver business outcomes, as well as employee’s personal professional outcomes and performance.

As a female in the industry, I feel passionate about how not only our “people” contribute, but in a traditionally male dominated environment, women can play a part in the future success of the transport industry as a whole.

I feel very strongly about how we as leaders can bring the best out in people at all levels. I enjoy, and encourage, robust but healthy conversations about how we as individuals and organisations can contribute to the future landscape of the transport industry, and from a personal/professional perspective how our “people” and the industries “people” contribute to that vision. I believe our people are our strength and will continue to help us deliver superior service and performance that will hold our industry in good stead.

My focus is now on Consulting and Project work with various organisations which allows me to focus on my true passion of people and process improvement. My role as the Business Manager at Lighthouse Solutions (Lighthouse Tour & Charter) allows me to maintain contact, and provide a contribution, to the industry of which I have come to find rewarding and challenging at the same time.

I am excited about the opportunities that exist to increase my knowledge even further, and where opportunity allows, to be a voice and/or contributor, as well as a supporter of women within the industry and see QBIC and my participation as a committee member as an exciting opportunity to do this.

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