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Acacia Employee Assistance Program

To support our Members during the COVID pandemic and beyond, QBIC has partnered with Acacia Connection to deliver a new Member benefit, the Acacia Employee Assistance Program.

We're pleased to announce this valuable new Member benefit for you and your Team of Staff. As part of our partnership with Acacia Connection, we can now offer you a special offer to engage the services of the Acacia Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential counselling and support service to help Employees deal with personal or work-related problems in a positive way.

What are the Employer benefits of providing Staff with an EAP?

Giving your Team of Staff access to an EAP is important step in keeping your workplace healthy and happy.

EAP's can help improve productivity and Employee retention, reduce absenteeism, and even reduce WorkCover claims for issues such as work-related stress. EAP's are sometimes referred to as "the mental health equivalent of a flu vaccine".

How does the Acacia EAP offer support to my Team of Staff?

Acacia EAP offers short term, confidential counselling of up to 3 hours/sessions counselling per Employee per year (which can be increased by agreement).

This service is funded by you as the Employer and offered at no cost to your Staff.

Acacia EAP operates 24 hours a day, which means their services are always available to assist your Employees when it best suits them.

Below are some of the areas where your Employees may benefit from accessing Acacia's counselling service:

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Relationship and marriage difficulties
  • Family and parenting issues
  • Managing grief or loss
  • Illness adjustment and Management
  • Stress management
  • Addiction and substance abuse
  •  Work related stress
  • Sleep disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Domestic violence
  • Mental Illness
  • Any other issues they may be faced with in their work or personal life

They also offer holistic support for Staff well-being through:

  • Financial coaching – helps with managing financial difficulties and budgeting
  • Legal referral – assists with short term legal referral to necessary legal services
  • Dietician support

Acacia is bound by the Privacy Act (1988) and will always adhere to its requirements to protect the privacy of your Team members.

How much does it cost to the Employer?

These options are explained in greater detail in the sign-up form.

This service is an opt-in offer, so if you would like to take up this opportunity and make this support available for your Team, please fill out page 4 of the Guide (Opt-in enrolment form) and send it to

It is a Pay-as-you-go package. There are two pricing models - you can elect a “no administration fee” option with basic inclusions, or opt to pay a $500 annual fee which gives you access to a suite of additional items.

You may also like to read Acacia EAP’s Detailed Guide, which provides additional information about Acacia EAP's support services as well as additional add-on support available through the Acacia Connection Group Partners. This includes Workshop Training, Workplace Mediation, Complaints, and Investigations as well as Outplacement Support.

Please feel free to call Helen at Acacia EAP for any detailed questions:

Helen Moore

Engagement Team Manager

M: 0414 059 165



Acacia EAP Detailed Guide

QBIC Information Opt-in Form

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